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Special Projects Supported by

N0rth Carolina District East Civitans

Civitans of North Carolina are proud of their association with the Duke Child Development Unit located in the Civitan Building on the campus of Duke University. The Program in Developmental and
Behavioral Pediatrics offers assessment and management of a variety of developmental problems and learning disorders including: autism, developmental delay, AD/HD, school failure, mental retardation, and common behavioral difficulties. The multidisciplinary team of pediatricians and child  psychologists provides services in a variety of settings including the Child Development Unit, the Duke Primary Care Clinic at Roxboro Road, and the Community Guidance Clinic. The program works closely with pediatric primary care providers and sub-specialists including: Genetics, Child Psychiatry, Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics, and Pediatric Psychology. The Child Development Unit also conducts a multidisciplinary clinic specifically for children with Fragile X syndrome.

Duke Child Development Unit

The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities*, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills, and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community. Civitan North Carolina District East clubs have supported Special Olympics North Carolina and its local, area, and state-wide programs both financially and with event volunteers since 1979.

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Boys and Girls Home of North Carolina

Special Olympics North Carolina

Civitan International Research Center

Civitans and Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina, Inc. have a unique, long lasting relationship! In 1958, when the very first cottage opened its doors on the Lake Waccamaw campus of Boys Homes, Inc., it bore the Civitan name. From the beginning of their association the Civitans of North Carolina have been strong supporters of Boys and Girls Homes through the cottages that bears the name Civitan. The Civitans of North Carolina make individual member and club visits with the children in the Civitan Cottage. They make personal and club contributions and take part in refurbishing and replacing items for the cottage when needed. They also enjoy visiting with the children of the cottage on occasional off campus trips. Civitans have joined together to insure in perpetuity the future of their cottage, but most of all the future of the children who will have the opportunity to call Civitan Cottage their home.

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The UAB Civitan International Research Center is the culmination of over 50 years of Civitans helping people challenged by developmental disabilities.  The Civitan International Foundation awarded a grant of up to one million dollars a year for 20 years to The University of Alabama at Birmingham for the creation of the UAB Civitan International Research Center, the first institution of its kind in the United States to be solely dedicated to research of developmental disabilities.  This generous act by Civitans all over the world put in place tremendous human, financial, and technical resources to focus on developmental disabilities.

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