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​From the Governor

Naomi Johnson 2018-2019 NCDE Governor

 Welcome to North Carolina District East Civitan!  This is where you will find news and resources about a Club, Area, District and Civitan International.  Civitan is in its second 100 years as an organization of traditional clubs, active clubs, YP clubs, campus clubs and Junior Clubs.  Working together as Civitans we give service to our communities when and where needed.    If you are a member we thank you for your time and service. 

Are you someone that likes to volunteer and give a helping hand?  We have different projects in all of the 58 clubs in the North Carolina District East.   

We are working together as an organization.  I joined Civitan in 2009 when I moved to North Carolina to have something to take up spare time.  I have volunteered since Jr. High, so sitting around is not my style.  What I like about Civitan is that it contributes a helping hand to people with developmental disabilities, the fellowship and service.  One of our main focuses is supporting our biggest project the Civitan International Research Center, located on the campus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

For more information contact me or a club on the “Club Locator” site.