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NCDE Scholarship Fellows


      As a follow-on to the NCDE practice of awarding a scholarship to a resident of Boys & Girls Home and later a scholarship to a Junior Civitan, in 2004 North Carolina District East set-up a “Fellow” program to have a more organized effort to support scholarships. For a contribution of $500.00 or more a person, club or group can be recognized as a North Carolina District East Scholarship Fellow.

     Unless otherwise stipulated, the contributions are invested with earnings used to fund scholarships to someone from Boys & Girls Homes of North Carolina, someone from North Carolina District East Junior Civitan and someone from North Carolina District East Campus Civitan.

     The Scholarship Fund is now set-up to be managed by NCDE Scholarship Trustees working with a Financial Advisor and reporting to the District Executive Board at each regular scheduled Board meeting.

     Contributions can be made in check, money order, cashier’s check as well as stock, bonds, mutual funds, qualified charitable distribution or other securities. Please check the appropriate box on the form below.

     To apply for a Fellow, please fill out the form (click here) and send, to the NCDE Treasurer as shown in the District Directory, along with a check or other contribution with a value of $500.00 or more. For additional information the Trustee Chair should be contacted. 

For over half a century, Civitans have been selling Claxton Fruitcake to fund various community service projects. Today, local Civitan Clubs work with area grocery retailers to continue bring Claxton fruitcake to the community and fund local service projects.

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Claxton Fruitcake Sales

Candy/Coin Boxes

North Carolina District East

Civtans Fundraising Projects

Civitan's Candy Box Program is one of Civitan's oldest and most well-known fundraising program, providing substantial support for hundreds of international and local projects improving the lives of people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities.

Look for a Civitan Candy Box at your favorite local merchant...