Joann Peele - Bright Leaf

Ronnie Peele - Bright Leaf

Louise Pinkelton-Hofer - Gateway

Ralph Provost - Havelock

John W. Quinn, IV -

Bill Rehse - South Raleigh

Bill Richardson - South Raleigh

Fran Richardson - South Raleigh

Kris & Ed Rudzik - Morehead City

Franklin “Dusty” Rumble - Jacksonville

Charles Schwab - Havelock

Shirley Selepes - Havelock

Tonya Sermersheim - Fellow-in-Memoriam

Pete Shankle - Friendly City

L. W. Sharpe, Jr. - Capital City

Robin Snyder -South Raleigh

Dr. Roy Sommerfeld - Chapel Hill

Edison E. Temple - Four Oaks

Bryan & LaRena Thornton - South Raleigh

Maurice Toler - Capital City

Ray Vawter - Havelock

Fern G. Vinston - South Raleigh

Roy Walker - Whiteville

Al West - Tobaccoland

Ruby West

Woody Weston - Capital City

Leigh Wilkinson - Tryon

George Williams - Durham

Mike Williams - Durham

Rose and Bonny Young - South Raleigh


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Joe Higgins - Northeast Guilford

Zelma Higgins - Northeast Guilford

Frances Hoch - Capital City

Bill Hofer - Four Seasons

Anna Jackson - Creative

Marlene Jewell - Durham

Naomi Johnson - Altamahaw-Ossipee

Gilmore Johnson

Samuel A. Johnson - South Raleigh

Myrtle Jones - Capital City

Tom Kelly - Havelock

Don Kloe - Capital City

Vivian Kloe - Capital City

Andy Leggette - Garner

Al Lochra - Greensboro

Bill & Helen Martin - Greenville

Henry Martin - New Bern

Edward J. May, Sr. - Fellow-in-Memoriam

Laura May - Tobaccoland

Bill McKenney - Wake Forest

Pattie Ward Miller - Gateway

O. C. Mitchell, Jr. - Durham

Ernest J. Morine - Fayetteville

Tom Mundie - New Bern

North Carolina District East

Northeast Guilford Civitan Club

Northwest Guilford Civitan Club

Estelle O’Brien - Northeast Guilford

John O’Brien - Northeast Guilford

Doris Oglesby - Morehead City

Joe Parker - Durham

J. Norman Parks - Garner

Robert Patton -

Dorcas Austin - Hawfields

Susie Bare - Havelock

Jo Ellen Barley - Northeast Guilford

Kermit Barley - Northeast Guilford

Irv Beck - Havelock

Joel Black - South Raleigh

Dan Bower - Hawfields

Thomas B. Broughton - Raleigh

Charles H. Brown - High Point

Mark Brewer - Capital City

Mildred Brown - High Point

Alyne Bruce - Wilmington

Willie Burtchette - South Raleigh

Catherine Campbell - North Raleigh

Duane Capps - Southeast Guilford

Christine Corn - High Point

Dewey Corn - High Point

Harriett and Neel Covington - Hawfields

Maxine Davis - St. Mary’s

Shirley Dreyer - High Point

Randy Eakes - South Raleigh

Jaye Efland - Creative

Helga Fasciano - Capital City

Edith Fields - South Raleigh

Dee Foster - Capital City

Reggie Foster - North Raleigh

Gateway Civitan Club

Margie Gooding - Kinston

George “Bill” Griffin - Havelock

Guilford College Civitan Club

Alton Hall, Jr. - Southeast Guilford

Sparky Harcum - Guilford College

Bob Harrelson - Four Seasons