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Honor Club --  PDF format or MS Word format

VIP Award Program -- PDF format

Shropshire Scholarships -- PDF format

H.O.P.E. Award - presented every year to the club with the most participation and outstanding performance in the candy box program. The winning club receives a distinctive banner patch, as well as a $1,000 contribution in its name to the Civitan International Research Center. If you think you might be eligible for the H.O.P.E. Award, contact international headquarters here.

Civitan presents several awards each year to honor the outstanding clubs, districts and Civitans who make the organization great. Applications for these awards, as well as some of Civitan's other honorary programs, can be found here.

Some files may require Adobe Reader, which you can download for free here.

International Honor Key - the highest honor awarded by Civitan International. This award is presented to Civitans who have exemplified the highest level of leadership through club, district and international offices; and who have contributed to the growth and awareness of the organization. -- MS Word format

Courtney Shropshire Outstanding Civitan Club Award - awarded annually to the most accomplished Civitan club in the areas of community service, charitable activities, and overall club involvement and fellowship. -- PDF format or MS Word format.

Outstanding Club Newsletter -- PDF format or MS Word format

Outstanding District Newsletter -- PDF format or MS Word format

Outstanding Awareness Project -- PDF format or MS Word format

Outstanding Club Website -- PDF format or MS Word format

Outstanding District Website -- PDF format or MS Word format

Outstanding Community Project -- PDF format or MS Word format

Outstanding Service to People with Disabilities -- PDF format or MS Word format

Outstanding Youth Project -- PDF format or MS Word format

Outstanding New Club -- PDF format or MS Word format

Quality Achievement Award -- PDF format or MS Word format

Other Awards Programs

Competitive Civitan Awards

Civitan International Awards and Applications